Baseboard Heater-18C Baseboard Heate

Short Description:

  • Input Power: 1.8--2.2kW
  • Voltage: 220V~
  • Accessory: installing bracket, thermostat with remote
  • Specification: see the products introduction
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    Operation principle:

    Based on the princle of the natural air convection, the hot air of a low density has a naturally ascending forcing while the cold air of a high density natually falls. In this way, an air circulation is created andthe whole room becomes warm. This kind of air circulation, without noise, it is a quite and high efficient heating method.

    Unique advantages of JH heater

    1、High Electricity-heat efficiency, the electric energy transformed 99% to heat;
    2、Plug and play, convenient, free, safe, comfortable
    3、Fashion design, perfect match room decoration
    4、Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant surface treatment technology, high quality material.
    5、Slim and compact structure,using the aluminum heat sink plate, heat faster and evenly
    6、Fixed on wall or freestanding,installation and operation is simple, maintenance cost is low
    7、Natural convection mode, namely open and hot, circulating heating,high efficiency and energy saving,safe and reliable
    8、No burn of oxygen, no glowing, no fire hazard, no smelly odour, no noise while heating
    9、adjustable thermostat, Power on/off freely, more energy-saying

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